Dmitri’s Classmate part 2

She was warm and wet and he didn’t even feel her teeth on is dick. It was amazing; his nine inch cock slid in her mouth all the way and touched the back of her mouth without her gagging. Exhaling sharply he had to keep himself from cumming then and there as she started sucking. He slid his hands into her red hair and looked into her green eyes. 
"Use your tongue..." he grunted. "Oh fuck yes..." he started to thrust his hips in and out of her warm willing mouth. His brown eyes looked down into her eyes that despite the fact that she was sucking his cock still looked innocent. His cock started to throb and knew he was going to cum soon. 
"You like my dick in your mouth don’t you slut?" he moaned and listened to her moan in response. He withdrew and grabbed a hold of his dick. 
"Open your mouth." He ordered and he started to jack himself off. As he came he shot some onto her face, huge tits and in her mouth. Fuck she looked hot tied there with his cum covering her. 
"Swallow." He leaned down and kissed down her neck and all down her body until his face was between her legs. Her cunt was wet and dripping with her juices. Sticking his tongue out Jack slowly licked from top to bottom again and again circling her clit each time. Little cries of pleasure filled the room as he went faster and faster and then finally shoved his tongue deep into her pussy. Her hips started to buck as he tongue fucked her.
"Please... please more... Please fuck me Jack!" she begged and Jack grinned into her pussy. He shoved two fingers into her waiting pussy and withdrew them then shoved them back into her harder and harder. He sucked on her clit and used his teeth to make her squeal.
"You want to cum bitch? Come on cum for me." He grinned as her insides clenched around his fingers and she squirted on his hand and up his arm. "Good girl." He said and climb on top of her. 
"Lick my arm clean." Phoenix smiled and started licking Jack’s arm. He had just given her the best oral of her life but she wanted to feel his cock slid in and out of her slit. She could still taste Dmitri’s cum a little mixed in with her own cum. 
"Mm Jack... Please fuck me with your big dick. I want to feel you pounding into me and your balls slapping my ass." She said while wiggling beneath him and felt his dick was still hard.
"Well since you asked so nicely..." He grinned and shifted his position so his dick was right by her opening and he wrapped a hand around her throat. Phoenix began breathing heavily as she looked up at him and he slid in slowly. It was torture to feel his cock sliding in centimetre by centimetre with every vein and bump making her wiggle. A small moan of pleasure escaped her as he finished sliding into her. The hand around her throat tightened, almost cutting off her air supply. As he began to move she tried to scream but Jack’s hand made it difficult. In all her fantasies she never thought chocking would be this arousing. 
"Bitch you are fucking tight..." he grunted as he fucked her cunt. Phoenix loved the feeling of him withdrawing almost all the way then slamming back in all the way. It was hard not to cum and she arched her back so her bouncing breasts would brush against his chest. 
"Oh baby you have such amazing tits..." Jack said before he dipped his head and sucked on one hard nipple. It felt so good and bordered between pleasure and pain and she was going to cum soon. A noise at the door stopped her and she looked over to see Dmitri standing there with a bag in his hand. 
"Having fun Jack?" Jack laughed but kept on pounding her until he spilled his seed deep inside her. 
"Want her back?" he gasped as he collapsed on her. Phoenix whimpered as Jack collapsed on top of her. She hadn’t cum and she was so close.
"I bet a slut like her would like two guys fucking her... care for a three way?" Dmitri casually suggested and Phoenix stiffened. Never had she thought about having a three way with two men. In previous years she’s had one with another woman and man and all women but never two men. It should be fun. 
"Hell yes." Jack agreed and undid the binds that held her hands as Dmitri stripped. They each did one of her legs and Phoenix felt the blood rush back to her limbs. They looked at her and she smiled and sat up to stretch. Dmitri reached into the bag he brought with him and pulled out a variety of things: nipple clamps, what looked like a tiny weight, a collar, leash, hair band, lube, anal beads and a vibrator. 
"Put your hair in a pony tail." Dmitri ordered handing her the hair band. Phoenix did as she was told. 
"Good girl. Sit up and let Jack hold your arms." Dmitri grabbed the nipple clamps, which had a small chain between them and attached them to her large nipples. Then he added the small weight and Phoenix gasped at the pain. Next he attached the collar around her neck, and then the leash to the collar. He pulled on the leash and Phoenix fell forward onto her hands and knees. 
"Which hole do you want?" Dmitri asked as he stroked a hand over her ass. 
"I’m thinking the little bitch needs her ass fucked. Ever had anything shoved up your asshole?" Jack asked, smiling down at Phoenix. 
"No sirs... please fuck my ass." She smiled behind her and Dmitri laughed and tugged on the leash until Phoenix’s face was pressed against his balls. 
 "I think this slut needs all her holes filled." He passed Jack the vibrator. "Shove this up her pussy and watch her twitch." They laughed and Phoenix stiffened in anticipation, her back arched and her ass pouted out behind her. A warm hand caressed her ass and then slapped it. 
"Oh she’s excited now... look at that ass." Jack smacked her ass again and she moaned. It felt so good. Someone grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled back. She looked up into Dmitri’s eyes and smiled knowing she was going to be fucked hard. 
"Open your mouth like a good girl and suck it." She obeyed and Dmitri stuck his dick down her throat. Behind her she felt Jack position the vibrator at her pussy and shove it deep it deep into her and turned it on fully. The vibrations made her scream in pleasure but it was muffled by Dmitri’s thick dick in her mouth. She sucked his cock, moaning as the vibrator shook in her cunt. 
"If you bite me when Jack starts fucking your ass you’ll regret it bitch." Dmitri bit out as he shoved deeper into her mouth. Phoenix felt Jack squirt some lube up her ass before slowly pushing his nine inch dick into her virgin ass. 
"Oh she’s tight..." Jack groaned as he pushed farther and farther into her butthole. It started to hurt and Phoenix felt tears well up in her eyes and spill down her cheeks but she never stopped sucking Dmitri’s dick.
"Oh she’s crying... why are you crying whore? You begged us to fuck your ass and that’s what he’s doing." Dmitri taunted, "Maybe she wants it harder... I don’t hear her saying no..." They laughed and agreed. 
"Ready or not bitch you’re gonna take it all." Jack said before slamming his thick rod up her tight asshole. Phoenix felt as though her ass was on fire but as Jack pounded her ass the pain lessened and she found she loved it. Phoenix rocked back and forth to feel his entire length better as he slammed it in her ass. The force of the thrusts made her tits bounce and the weight to hurt her tits in a pleasurable way. Suddenly her ass was filled with warmth as jack came with a shout. Dmitri’s hands went into her hair as he pulled her mouth off his still hard dick.
"Remember what I said before?" He demanded while staring at her tits, "Get to work." Phoenix and Dmitri shifted their positions and she wrapped her large tits around his dick and moved them up and down his shaft. Her saliva was wiped from his cock onto her tits and she looked up at Dmitri and saw his eyes were closed. 
Dmitri felt a tightening in his balls and knew that he was going to cum soon. The warmth and softness from her tits around his dick felt amazing. The gentle pressure was building and soon he came with a shout. His seed spilled out over her tits and he looked down at her.
Phoenix felt the hot sticky sensation of Dmitri’s cum across her tits. Fucked beyond belief Phoenix passed out on the bed with a smile on her face. Dmitri laughed and looked at jack who was fully dressed. 
"Where you off to?" he asked as he pulled the vibrator out of her abused cunt and turned it off. 
"To get my girlfriend... she’s every bit of a slut as she is... wouldn’t it be hot to watch them go at it?" Dmitri took the photo Jack held out to him and looked down at a tall brunette with big tits. 
"Hot... don’t worry I’ll keep her here until you get back." Dmitri laughed and Jack left. He was exhausted but no way was he going to miss watching two chicks who are hot as fuck going at it...not to mention a chance to join in on the fun...
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